Silver Spur Pedestrian Pathway Project

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The City applied for and received a state Safe Routes to School (SR2S) grant in the amount of $432,000 for the construction of a walking path on both sides of Silver Spur Road between Palos Verdes Drive North (PVDN) and Kingspine Road. The project includes 5,000 square feet of an asphalt walking path, new rolled curbs and gutters, crosswalks and related curb ramps. The project will provide better separation between pedestrians and traffic, as well as connect the neighborhoods along Silver Spur Road to Silver Spur Elementary School.

A portion of this SR2S grant was also used to fund the construction of the new crosswalk flashing beacon system adjacent to Rancho Vista Elementary School on Palos Verdes Drive North at Moccasin Lane.

The City's design consultant, Willdan Engineering, has completed the initial survey and preliminary plans for the project, which was presented at the Traffic and Safety Committee meeting on December 10, 2014 and again at the Traffic and Safety Committee meeting on March 4, 2015 for community input and Committee feedback. Below are links to the grant application and presentational materials.

At its March 4, 2015 meeting, the Traffic and Safety Committee recommended that the City Council approve the Silver Spur Pedestrian Pathway Project, as well as the addition of a raised island to the eastbound Silver Spur Road right turn lane at Marina Drive; a raised "triangle" median in the center of the intersection on Silver Spur Road at Marina Drive; and a narrowed right turn lane on Silver Spur Road at Marina Drive to reduce speed. The Committee recommended that the existing one eastbound through lane on Silver Spur Road be maintained.

The Silver Spur Pedestrian Pathway Project and improvements to the Silver Spur Road and Marina Drive right turn lane and intersection was presented and approved at the City Council meeting on April 14, 2015.

The project is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in September.

Safe Routes to School Grant Application [PDF]
Silver Spur Pathway Project Presentation (12-10-14) [PDF]
Silver Spur Pathway Project Renderings (12-10-14) [PDF]
Silver Spur Project Preliminary Construction Plans (12-10-14) [PDF]
Silver Spur Pathway Project Presentation (3-4-15) [PDF]
Alternatives for Silver Spur Road & Marina Drive Right Turn Lane & Intersection (3-4-15) [PDF]