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City Council

Rolling Hills Estates is a “general law city” and provides services to the public as mandated by the California State Government Code. As provided by state law, our City’s legislative body is the City Council, comprised of five residents elected at large on a non-partisan ballot to serve four-year overlapping terms. On an annual basis, one member is selected by the Council to serve as Mayor. Regular City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.

City Commissions

The City Council is often called upon to make technical decisions on a variety of issues. Assisting and advising the Council in this duty are the Planning Commission and the Parks and Activities Commission.

The Planning Commission strives to preserve and enhance the special rural character of the community by reviewing and regulating development proposals and by periodically updating the General Plan, most recently revised in 1992. The seven-member commission also reviews and approves requests for other planning permits including zone changes, variances, neighborhood compatibility and precise plans of design for all residential remodels and new development.  

The Parks and Activities Commission acts as an advisor to the City Council in all matters pertaining to parks; cultural, recreation and special events; beautification and maintenance of public areas; operation of recreational facilities; the annual City Celebration, Tracy Austin Doubles Tennis Tournament, The Hills Are Alive 10K/5K Run, and Peninsula Holiday Parade; equestrian trails, pedestrian walkways, and bicycle pathways.

Upon recommendation of the Mayor and appointment by the Council, seven residents of the City serve as volunteers on each commission. In all cases, their actions are subject to review and final approval by the City Council.

City Committees

The City government also consists of many special committees and subcommittees, which the City Council calls upon to review matters of specific concern. Most of these committees include at least one member from the Council and each of the two Commissions, as well as other concerned residents of the community. Among the various committees currently assisting the Council are the Traffic & Safety Committee, the Equestrian Committee and the Environmental Advisory Committee.

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