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Finance is a division of the Administrative Services Department, and Finance administers the cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivables, payroll, and acts as the City license collector and purchasing agent.


Property Tax Allocations

If you own property, you are accustomed to paying property tax. However, unless you study your tax bill carefully, you may not know of all the various agencies that are funded through property tax. You may also be surprised to find out how little property tax revenue actually comes to the City. Competing agencies include the County of Los Angeles, the Education Revenue Augmentation Fund, local K-12 and community college districts, your local library district and the Los Angeles County Fire Protection District.

From each dollar of property tax paid by property owners in Rolling Hills Estates, the City receives less than seven cents, which comes from a complex formula applied by the County to your property’s assessed valuation and a pool of County-wide property tax collections. Even so, the City of Rolling Hills Estates is committed to providing high quality service with limited revenue sources.


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