City Commissions

Commission Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Video

The City Council is often called upon to make technical decisions on a variety of issues. Assisting and advising the Council in this duty are the Planning Commission and the Park and Activities Commission.

The Planning Commission strives to preserve and enhance the special rural character of the community by reviewing and regulating development proposals and by periodically updating the General Plan, most recently revised in 1992. The seven-member Commission also reviews and approves requests for other planning permits including zone changes, variances, neighborhood compatibility and precise plans of design for all residential remodels and new development.

The Park and Activities Commission acts as an advisor to the City Council in all matters pertaining to parks; cultural, recreational and special events; beautification and maintenance of public areas, including equestrian trails, pedestrian walkways and bicycle pathways; operation of recreational facilities; and coordination of annual City events; equestrian trails.

Upon recommendation of the Mayor and appointment by the Council, seven residents of the City serve as volunteers on each commission. In all cases, their actions are subject to review and final approval by the City Council.

For the Local Appointment List of Positions on City Commissions & Committees including term expiration dates, please click the link below:

Local Appointment List of Positions on City Commissions & Committees