The Village/Merrill Gardens (PA-05-16)

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The project site is located at 601 Silver Spur Road and 600 Deep Valley Drive, bounded by Silver Spur Road along the north, Drybank Drive along the west, Deep Valley Drive to the south, and the Peninsula Center Library to the east.  The proposed project involves subdividing the 3.13-acre site into two parcels:  a 1.48-acre parcel (Parcel 1) to accommodate a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE), and a 1.65-acre parcel (Parcel 2) that would maintain a portion of the existing commercial development as commercial condominiums, and a new parking structure. 

The proposed RCFE would consist of one, four-story building measuring approximately 135,852 square feet in floor area, containing 94 assisted living units; 20 memory care units; approximately 16,255 square feet of indoor common amenity space; approximately 16,740 square feet of outdoor landscaped courtyards; and a partially subterranean parking facility under the building.

Vehicular access would be provided from along Silver Spur Road via two new curb cuts, an ingress-only driveway near the center of the project site leading to a resident loading/unloading area, the garage entry, and service access.  Another egress-only driveway would be located near the northeast corner of the project site.  The existing driveways along Silver Spur Road and Drybank Drive would be closed.  The proposed project includes 63 onsite parking spaces in a subterranean parking facility located under the building footprint.

Parcel 2 would maintain the remaining two multi-tenant buildings, one along the west side of the site and the other at the southwest portion of the site.  A modified version of the Village Shopping Center would continue to operate and occupy this portion of the site.  The two remaining commercial buildings,  measuring a total of 21,075 square feet, are anticipated to be occupied by a variety of uses, including commercial outlets, medical/dental offices, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula Seniors organization.

The project also includes a 169-space parking structure on Parcel 2, with one partially subterranean level and one above-ground level on Parcel 2 of the project site.  The redevelopment of Parcel 2 would result in a total of 221 parking stalls that would serve the commercial buildings on Parcel 2 and the abutting library.

The proposed project would require the following discretionary approvals from the City of Rolling Hills Estates:

Overall Project

  • Subdivision:  Tentative Parcel Map No. 72398 (2-lot subdivision with condominium purposes on Parcel 2)
  • Precise Plan of Design
  • Grading Permit

Parcel 1 - Specific

  • Conditional Use Permit for RCEF use
  • Variance 1:  Lot Coverage of 54.1% (45% maximum)
  • Variance 2:  Building height of 56' (44' maximum)
  • Variance 3:  Parking stall dimension

Parcel 2 - Specific

  • Master Conditional Use Permit for Medical Office Use
  • Variance 4:  Landscape of 10% (20% required)
  • Variance 5:  Parking stall dimension and aisle width
  • Variance 6:  Parking deck setback (new) / Buildings B & C (existing)
  • Variance 7:  Parking structure lot coverage of 35% (25% maximum)

The project was approved by the City Council on September 27, 2016.  Commencement of the project is anticipated to start by late 2016/early 2017.

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