The City provides law enforcement services though the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department located at 26123 Narbonne Avenue in Lomita. Charged with the major responsibility of deterring and investigating crimes, the Department also provides a host of other services ranging from patrolling residential and commercial areas to enforcing the Municipal, Vehicle and Penal Code. Another service available to residents is the local Neighborhood Watch Program. Upon request, Sheriff’s representatives are brought together with Homeowners’ Associations or neighborhood groups for the purpose of sharing information on basic home security procedures. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Department will check the residences of RHE families who are on vacation. Uniformed volunteers check doors and windows, and remove old newspapers that give the impression no one is at home. To file a special patrol request, call Lomita Sheriff’s Station at (310) 539-1661.

The Consolidated Fire Protection District of Los Angeles County provides fire protection and paramedic services. In addition to its fire fighting and lifesaving duties, the County Fire Department make fire prevention inspections, including weed abatement, and conducts fire safety programs in the schools.