Solid Waste Collection

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Waste, Recycling, Organics, Construction and Debris Removal

Who collects our waste, recycling, organics, manure, construction and debris and why?

Waste Management is the exclusive hauler for the city of Rolling Hills Estates.

Upon the conclusion of a 13-year exclusive franchise agreement with Waste Management, the City Council approved a renegotiated exclusive franchise agreement with Waste Management, effective October 1, 2018, for residential and commercial solid waste, recycling, organic and construction debris collection services.

The State of California continues to implement new recycling regulations and diversion goals, which have affected the costs associated with solid waste collection service. In order to meet these new requirements, the City of Rolling Hills Estates’ Municipal Code established that collection services be exclusive with any contractor that enters into an agreement with the City.

RHEMC Section 8.20.120- Collection—Exclusive Right, “The city and its duly authorized agents, servants and employees, or any contractor with whom the city may at any time enter into a contract therefore, and the agents, servants and employees of such contractor, while any such contract shall be in force, shall have the exclusive right to gather, collect and remove solid waste from all premises in the city, and no person other than those above specified shall gather, collect or remove any solid waste, or convey or transport any solid waste in, along or over any public streets, alley or highway in the city”. (Emphasis added).

The City’s Solid Waste Collection Services Franchise Agreement (See Article 1.19 and 3.01.) grants the exclusive right to Waste Management to provide  collection services, which is defined under as including Single Family Dwelling Collection Service, Commercial Collection Service and Temporary Construction and Demolition Debris Service.

Available Services

Residential & Equestrian Customers

Residents in the City benefit from a higher level of service than residents in surrounding communities. In addition to the standard collection of garbage, green waste, and recycling containers, the following are provided to residents in the City.

  • Up to four green waste carts and unlimited recycling carts at no additional charge
  • On-call curbside collection of bulky items up to four times a year (Click here to schedule your bulky item pick up today)
  • At-your-door special collection for household hazardous waste (Click here, to schedule your easy and convenient home collection services)
  • Residential collection occurs once per week on Wednesday to reduce collection vehicle traffic and provide a uniform Citywide schedule
  • On-Premises Collection Service (additional charge or free for those that qualify)
  • Manure collection program (additional charge)
  • Enhanced public education and outreach events
  • Uniform labeling and coloring of collection carts
  • Recycling Hero, a quarterly drawing to award customers for their outstanding recycling efforts. Winners receive 1-year of free service!

Commercial Customers

Business customers benefit from a higher level of service than businesses in surrounding communities. Base monthly rates include services to help businesses meet state regulations by offering each business that subscribes to garbage collection, one 96-gallon recycling cart and one 64-gallon organic collection cart at no additional cost. A brand NEW program for businesses is the Recycling Hero Program, which recognizes customers for outstanding participation in recycling and organics diversion programs by awarding one recipient per quarter with 1-year of free waste service!

What are my rates?

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Holiday Collection Schedule

 Waste Holiday anytime


For more information about the services offered by Waste Management, visit Should any questions or concerns arise please contact the City of Rolling Hills Estates at (310) 377-1577 OR  Waste Management at (800) 774-0222.